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Steve Justice
Metaphors, Betaphors, and
Zetaphors - and Why They Matter

Saturday, April 11 through Saturday, May 2, 2015

To the Right of Spring: Portrait of Stravinsky
oil on wood, 36x24
St. Stonewall of Shenanidoah
oil on canvas, 46x46
O'Keefe Magic
oil on canvas, 48x48
Fender Bender: Portrait of Leo Fender
oil on canvas, 60x48

Steve Justice was born in Pittsburgh in 1956. He showed early aptitude for art and studied at the Carnegie Institute under Joseph C. Fitzpatrick, who had also taught Warhol. Steve then studied industrial design at the University of Cincinnati, after which he was employed for many years designing a variety of products, most notably consumer glassware for FTD and Coke.

Partway into his design career he was drawn back to the practice of fine art and began producing large, satirical oil portraits, at first part-time and now full-time. He has participated in more than a hundred exhibitions, despite a six-year hiatus while he lived in Hong Kong, but continued to make art.

He now resides in Rochester, NY. Steve Justice is deeply committed to entertaining, enlightening and educating the his audience through his humorous art

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