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Three Friends: Sean McConnor, Thomas McNickle, and James Stewart
paintings by three prominent Western Pennsylvania artists
Opening reception Saturday, June 21, 6-8 pm
Artists' talks 7 pm

Exhibition continues:
Sunday, June 22 through Saturday, July 19, 2014

McNickle, McConnor, Stewart: Though they are friends, these are three very distinct artists, each with a distinct way of approaching his work, with little crossover even in subject matter. McNickle's canvases are light-filled and multi-hued, depicting natural, often verdant landscapes. McConnor's panels are deceptively simple arrangements of personal objects imbued with colors at once muted and brilliant. Stewart's grand (and sometimes small) works beguile the viewer in a narrative of intricate layers of meanings and subtle color.

Different as could be in many ways.

Rather than subject or style, it is their commitment to their lives in art that brings their work together at the Crary. Outside the context of this show, that is true too. Because of their simultaneous remoteness from art centers and relative proximity to each other, their paths cross enough to make a nicely worn route between their studios. A thick strand of concern for the importance of art, and a mutual respect for each other's art, binds them together outside this show as well.

Individually, they are all award-winning, educated painters whose works are sold and shown well outside the region, as their resumes attest. We are pleased to present their paintings here at the Crary.

Times Observer article on this show.

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James Stewart, Dinner, 10 x 27 in., oil
*Examples of the artists' paintings, not necessarily in this exhibition*
Thomas McNickle, Brooks Pasture, 24 x 36 in., oil
Sean McConnor, Still Life with Espresso Maker, 14 x 17 in., glue distemper