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Introspection, Retrospection and a New Perspective
paintings by Mikel Wintermantel
Opening reception Saturday, May 10, 6-8 pm
Artists' talk 7 pm

Exhibition continues:
Sunday, May 11 through Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mikel Wintermantel is a Copley Master painter (Copley Society, Boston) who lives in Allegany, NY.
His latest group of landscape paintings were done while recovering from serious illness. They glow with the heartfelt yearning and appreciation for the world that difficult moments bring so clearly into focus.

The paintings are works filtered through the light of the artist's environment from, reflecting on the year since his successful battle with a serious illness. (See artist's statement, below.)

For more information on this artist:
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October Wetland, 6 x 6 in
Lone Bail, Winter, 6 x 6 in Lake Erie Greens, 6 x 6 in
Late Summer Rotation, 16 x 20 in Storm King, 30 x 40 in
Marsh Dusk, 15 x 30 in

Artist's statement about this show

I have always been fascinated with full circles, with connections, with irony. My awareness of those fleeting moments that bring a story into focus, a painting into a certain light, and music to resolution has been with me through the entirety of my creative life.

The natural landscape inspires me, challenges me and sustains me. It is where I go to reset and feel whole again. Painting the landscape, either en plein air or in the studio, immerses me into deeply into that natural world. I know the work is complete when I experience that reset, that sense of place.

I am currently in remission from a serious battle with cancer. For now, I see everything through the filter of fresh perspective. I am more keenly aware of all those connections, -to the earth, to the past - to the possibility of each new day. I am aware of that of a sense of place, of my roots and my reasons for being. My family, my friends, and my art kept me going through treatment. Joy replaced worry and I carried that to my easel.

My paintings are highly influenced by American Luminism and the Hudson River School of painting. Our geographical area is rich in landscape subject matter, from the boundless sunsets enhanced by the heavy atmosphere of the Great Lakes to the west. To the the long shadows of dusk cast shadows deep into the hardwood forests. And the inspiring vistas too numerous to count all give this artist enough inspiration to last 100 lifetimes.

Here are just a few fleeting moments I have painted on my long and fruitful journey ahead.

                                                                                                                          - Mikel Wintermantel, 2014