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Large scale paintings on tarpaulin by Robert Patrick
February 23 - March 15, 2014

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The artist's studio

Robert Patrick's statement about the works in this show:

My paintings are MAPS delineating topographies of time and space. These canvases are composed by layering painted lines in skeins on untreated tarps. They are then exhibited to hang functional and unadorned, as though waiting to accompany an expedition.

When painting I rely on instinct and impulse as much as on planning and ideas. Acting in the moment, I draw my imagery from a conflation of visible forms in nature and the invisible energies described by theoretical physics. I believe that all forms, whether cosmic or atomic, share common vectors. Our perceptions of self and our motivations to act in the space and time of our lives are affected by the same forces that direct the spin of galaxies and control the growth of cells.

My adopted role is to function as a cartographer, plot the passions of my nature through strokes of paint, and depict my living by mapping its moments.

Coil, acrylic on canvas tarpaulin, 84 x 108"
Echo, acrylic on canvas tarpaulin, 72 x 60
Pond (DETAIL), synthetic polymer on canvas tarpaulin, 96 x 84
ZMAN, synthetic polymers on canvas tarpaulin 72 x 84

Robert Patrick was born in Duluth, Minnesota in 1950 and received his MFA in painting from the University of Minnesota in 1979. He is a 2003-2004 recipient of the $25,000.00 McKnight Foundation Fellowship. Gallery representation includes: Anderson & Anderson Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Klein Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, Dietrich Contemporary in New York, New York and Au Temps Qui Passe in Genolier, Switzerland. Reviews of his work have appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, White Bear Press, St. Croix Valley Press, Twin Cities Reader, Art Scape: Visual Art, Minnesota Daily and Artviews Fan in Minnesota;Florida Weekly in Fort Myers, Florida; and Gambling the Aisle, Denver, Colorado. Recent exhibitions include: Artist and Studio, Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, New York (3-person) 2010; SKINS, Bowery Gallery, New York, New York (solo) 2011; Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, Connecticut (collection) 2011; Organica, Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers, Florida (2-person) 2012; Subconscious Planet, 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, Florida (solo) 2013.

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