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NEW! Better. Faster.
Works by Jonathan Stewart

Jan 5 - 26, 2013

"Can a package be too annoying? How stupid can a product get? The answers are yes and very," says the artist. Stewart notes that we are all familiar with alarming side-effect warnings accompanying the ads for pharmaceuticals, and have seen puzzling ingredient labels on foods destined for human consumption. His graphic works follow through on that logic, but with a lot more splash. And humor. Using bright colors, creative typography and witty subject matter, he takes all the elements of product packaging and turns them on their head to give us another view of what goes into making that first impression of a product on a shelf. "It's not the steak that interests me," he maintains, "but rather the box the sizzle comes in."

The artist hails from Texas, where he lives and teaches printmaking. His work is widely shown, with thirty-three group exhibitions in 2012 alone.

More information:
Artist's website.

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ink on paper