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Valley of Vision
Allegorical paintings by Ivan Fortushniak

Jan 5 - 26, 2013

Ivan Fortushniak, a Professor of Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, creates startling works of strange beauty that reflect his concerns as a Christian about moral breakdown. The mostly intimately sized works in this show are collaged oil paintings, visual allegories that include references to biblical truths. To help tell these tales visually, the artist juxtaposes images from iconic artists of the past such as Winslow Homer, along with other mismatched historical references, often in a romanticized landscape. The grace of these bucolic settings is broken by parts of words floating in the sky, ghostly drawings and scuff marks on the surface of some paintings, billowing smoke, or McDonald's arches – all with the historically displaced figures who often appear in danger, or look burdened from within or without.

Mr. Fortushniak reminds us with these exquisitely crafted, two-dimensional works that other dimensions to our world, including historical and moral dimensions, are important to bear in mind.

More information:
Artist's website
The Lost Boys, 2008
Oil / Collage, 13 x 11-3/4 inches
The Road, 2008
Oil / Collage, 13 x 11-3/4 inches