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oil paintings by Adela Arrufat

August 18 - September 7, 2013

Public is invited to the Meet-the-Artist reception Friday, August 16, 6-8pm

Interview with Adela Arrufat Garcia, in Spanish.
Read the Warren Times Observer newspaper article on this show. Download PDF.

Untitled, 28 x 39 Getting Caught, 35 x 51
Wonderful, 35 x 45
Adela Arrufat lives and works in Castellón, Spain. She earned a Degree of Advanced Studies in Art (DEA) in 2006 from College of Fine Arts of San Carlos, Valencia Polytechnic University, where she also received her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, in 2000. In 2012 many of the paintings in this Crary Art Gallery exhibition were displayed in New York City at her solo show at the Centro Español in Chelsea. Besides being a painter, Adela is also a musician and is well known in Spain as the drummer in the band Lula.
You can see a video of the works in the show accompanied by her music here: Adela's Art
Other links: more about her band, Lula.

The artist captures the essence of her work in this exhibition with her statement:
Opening a window into our lives for an instant can surprise us.
My great admiration for the classical masters combined with my extensive painting studies helped me choose my methods to express emotions, experiment and form that which I see and how I see it.
I seek the beauty of moments in everyday life. I am escaping the standards set by culture and fashion. The ugly, the grotesque, sadness, the passage of time, joy, pain, mood, anxiety, hope, all intimate dimensions of people and things shape our definition of beauty. I paint moments of everyday life, without losing perspective that they are not eternal.
At the beginning of my career my paintings were very influenced by sober Spanish painting tradition; I now explore light in dramatic but realistic paintings softened to the eye. I am influenced by Norman Rockwell in his social realism and at times Edward Hopper in his solitude."

More information:
artist's website

Untitled, 36 x 25
Through Your Eyes, 39 x 28

Interview with Adela Arrufat Garcia, in Spanish.