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A Collaged World
Works by Anne Bagby

November 6 - December 3, 2011
Anne Bagby reworks the rules of printmaking, quilting and painting, playing with the formal elements of design and texture. The result proves to be beautiful, and deliberately so. Inspired by the quilt tradition, oriental rugs, and kaleidoscopes, the artist fashions unique works of compressed volume and fragmented, overlaid imagery. Her paintings combine layers of glaze over layers of patterns and images including the human face and words - laid over more collage and stitching. The result is a startling and compelling arrangement of colors, shapes, and textures which evoke the relationships we have with the world and with ourselves - and with the self we think we present to the world.
Currently a resident of Tennessee, Anne studied at the University of North Carolina and Queens College in Charlotte. Her work has been published in Watercolor Magazine, Artist Magazine, and Somerset Studio Magazine, and has taught workshops and won awards in national competitions.

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