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Exhibition proposals from artists and curators

The Crary Art Gallery reviews exhibition proposals annually. Deadline is May 31 each year.

Exhibitions are typically scheduled four months to a year and a half in advance. Exceptions are made for the smaller Gallery C exhibitions, which might be selected with a shorter timeline. Gallery C is usually dedicated to local or regional artists but might be the best option for artists who work on a small scale or who prefer a more intimate space.

Artists are usually contacted by July 15. Please allow that amount of time at a minimum for a response.

Important things to know:
As a non-profit gallery, art is not chosen based on salability, but on artistic merit and physical constraints.The selection committee considers solo shows, group or tandem shows, and curated exhibitions.
Exhibiting artists/curators are responsible for delivery and pickup of art. Exhibitions last three weeks with regular hours. The Gallery will provide an opening reception, the printing and mailing of post cards to the gallery's mailing list, printed posters, local publicity, and gallery staff during open hours. The Gallery is alarmed and insured.

The Crary Art Gallery includes a total of seven gallery rooms with about 375 lineal feet available for exhibitions. However, except for very large juried shows, the Main gallery and Gallery B and C (and sometimes the enclosed courtyard gallery) are the spaces generally considered for temporary exhibitions. The space can range from 125 feet to about 215 feet with the addition of moveable wall panels. For floor plan links, click here.

Please send these application materials to the address below:

  • CD or DVD containing all documents listed below plus 10-20 JPGs, (some may be details) no larger than 2mb each. A recommended dimension is 1000 pixels high by 1500 pixels wide (or 10 x 15 @100dpi resolution). Please list artist's name in the file name along with the title and H x W x D dimensions in inches if applicable so there is no confusion.
    Example: "1-PabloPicasso-NudeProfile-40x35.jpg")
  • The following documents should be printed on paper and digitally included on the CD or DVD in Word format or PDF:
    • Short statement outlining the nature of your work or what you propose to show.
    • Relevant resume(s) or bio. Please include your mailing address, telephone numbers and email/website addresses.
    • Numbered images list corresponding to the images on the CD or DVD.

You may include other materials such as catalogs, magazine articles, etc.
No materials are returned.

Exhibitions Committee
Crary Art Gallery
511 Market St.
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